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Economics PhD Students

Introducing the minds shaping the future of economics. Discover how our PhD students' research fuels the evolution of economic theories, methodologies, and real-world applications.

Our students

Muharrem Cevik

Muharrem's subject area is Economics. Muharrem's PhD project title is 'The Impact of Free Trade Agreements on Bilateral Trade Flows of Cultural Goods'. Read more about Muharrem's research.

Jiahong Han

Jiahong's subject area is Economics. Jiahong's PhD project title is 'Internal Migration, trade openness, and the labour market: Evidence from China'. Read more about Jiahong's research.

James Terkura Ihum

James's subject area is Energy and Environmental Economics. James's PhD project title is 'Essays in Energy Transition'. Read more about James's research.

Yemi Oyedeji-Arogundade

Yemi's subject area is Economics. Yemi's PhD project title is 'Gentrification and Schooling in the U.K'. Read more about Yemi's research.

Nirat Rujimora

Nirat's subject area is Economics. Nirat's PhD project title is 'The Analysis of Regional Green Transition'. Read more about Nirat's research.

Nichola Williams

Nichola's subject area is Economics. Nichola's PhD project title is 'Weather Shocks, Child Health & Education: Evidence from Guyana'. Read more about Nichola's research.

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