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Marketing PhD students

Meet our postgraduate doctoral students. Find out how their research contributes to the development of theories, methodologies, and practical applications in the field of Marketing.

Our students

Abdullah Al Mamun

Abdullah's subject area is Marketing, Operation & Systems (Entrepreneurship and Sustainability). Abdullah's PhD project title is 'Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Developing Context: A Problem-Solving Approach by Indigenous Entrepreneurs'. Read more about Abdullah's research.

Mohamed Al-Shafei

Mohamed's subject area is Marketing. Mohamed's PhD project title is 'Investigating the Effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence for Social Media Marketing of Luxury Brands'. Read more about Mohamed's research.

Haiyan Chen

Haiyan's subject area is Marketing. Haiyan's PhD project title is 'An investigation of the unintended negative consequences to consumers’ well-being resulting from the use of transformative : The case of health and fitness apps'. Read more about Haiyan's research.

Sofia Christidi

Sofia's subject area is Marketing. Sofia's PhD project title is 'Disruption and consumer self-transformation in the context of an enduring economic crisis'. Read more about Sofia's research.

Meltem Hut

Meltem's subject area is Marketing, Operations and Systems; Consumer Behaviour. Meltem's PhD project title is The Temporalities of Food Wellbeing. Read more about Meltem's research.

Sherly C Lie

Sherly's subject area is Marketing. Sherly's PhD project title is 'F is for Femvertising: The current state and future of women's empowerment in advertising'. Read more about Sherly's research.

Rui Liu

Rui's subject area is Marketing. Rui's PhD project title is 'Unpacking how technologies reshape social media marketing: Three studies'. Read more about Rui's research.

Sammie Duong Nguyen

Sammie's subject area is Marketing. Sammie's PhD project title is 'Consumer Acculturation in Multicultural Marketplaces'. Read more about Sammie's research.

Nuzhat Nuery

Nuzhat's subject area is Marketing. Nuzhat's PhD project title is 'The Antecedents and Consequences of Social Media Engagement with a Sustainability Advertisement'. Read more about Nuzhats research.

Austin Okeke

Austin's subject area is Operations Research. Austin's PhD project title is 'The influence of institutional pressures on sustainability emphasis and SCM practices in the Nigerian oil and gas industry'. Read more about Austin's research.

Lisa Smith

Lisa's subject area is Marketing. Lisa's PhD project title is 'Does socially inclusive advertising relieve the sense of exclusion or promote hedonistic consumption among stigmatised minorities?'. Read more about Lisa's research.

Haoyu Wang

Haoyu's subject area is PhD Management. Haoyu's PhD project title is 'How government carbon tax scheme affects the liner shipping carrier's cooperation in supply chain management?'. Read more about Haoyu's research.

Our research

The Marketing subject group produces world-leading research.

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