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Our multidisciplinary Marketing subject group offers undergraduate and postgraduate study options, PhD opportunities and world-leading research.

About us

The Marketing subject group is a dynamic and vibrant community of approximately 30 faculty, including eight renowned professors. Our faculty have a broad range of teaching and research interests within the marketing discipline.

We provide a comprehensive educational experience. This ensures that students are well-prepared for the dynamic field of marketing. Our research contributes to the growth and development of the marketing discipline by pushing the boundaries of marketing theory and conceptualisation. We actively engage with the business community to develop and implement leading-edge marketing practice.

Our research and degree programmes span a comprehensive range of marketing areas. These are critical for businesses and organisations, and include:

  • marketing strategy
  • consumer behaviour
  • marketing communications
  • digital marketing
  • brand management
  • product and pricing strategies
  • marketing research
  • sales and distribution
  • international marketing
  • marketing ethics and social responsibility
  • marketing metrics and analysis


The Marketing subject group is led by Professor Stuart Barnes.

Our research

The Marketing subject group is home to a thriving community of researchers. We develop thought-leading research into many areas including:

  • digital marketing
  • consumer behaviour
  • marketing communications
  • services marketing
  • marketing and sustainability

We're committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the marketing discipline. This is critical if businesses and other organisations are to grow and succeed. Our research contributes to a better understanding of the concepts and theory of marketing. Our staff organise numerous conferences, edit journals, and review research grant proposals from across the globe.

Our research has received substantial external funding. It has been published in leading journals and other outlets. Research from the Marketing subject group has had a measurable impact on a wide range of sectors. These include:

  • primary
  • services
  • public sector
  • third sector

Study with us

We offer undergraduate, taught postgraduate and PhD programmes across a broad range of subjects.

All our programmes are informed by research, teaching, and the student experience. They reflect the dynamic nature of both theory and creative practice.

Students on our programmes have the opportunity to develop their:

  • problem-solving
  • analytical skills
  • emotional intelligence
  • discipline-specific skills

Our students gain valuable experience through placements, consultancy projects, and industry links.

Upcoming events

Our ongoing seminar series and conferences push the boundaries of marketing research through a mixture of renowned external speakers and our own researchers.

We also have staff and student development events across our whole group.

Research seminars and events are open to all University staff and students. Please note, you may need to register or book a place in order to attend an event.

You can view a list of previous Marketing research events here.

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