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Christopher W Storey

Christopher's subject area is Entrepreneurship. Christopher's PhD project title is 'Crowdfunding: An Exploration of Funder and Entrepreneurial Heuristics'. Read more about Christopher's research.

Project title

Crowdfunding: An Exploration of Funder and Entrepreneurial Heuristics.


  • Professor Robert Newbery
  • Professor Jonathan Kimmitt
  • Dr Victoria Mountford-Brown (Lecturer).



Christopher W Storey

Project description

Exploration based on interview data regarding the role of heuristics in funder and entrepreneur decision-making. Developed frameworks of ecologically rational heuristics for funders and entrepreneurs in equity and rewards crowdfunding as theoretical contributions. Furthermore, for entrepreneurs, the heuristics identified offer practical decision-making guides for managing a crowdfunding campaign successfully through pre, live and post-phases.