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Jacoub Sleibi

Jacoub's subject area is Financial Economics. Jacoub's PhD project title is 'Essays in credit, banking and the macroeconomy'. Read more about Jacoub's research.

Project title

Essays in credit, banking and the macroeconomy.


  • Professor Giorgio Fazio
  • Dr Fabrizio Casalin



Jacoub Sleibi

Project description

Jacoub Sleibi holds a PhD in Financial Economics from Newcastle University Business School, an MSc in Global Finance and Banking (Distinction) from Bradford University School of Management and a BSc in Computer Science. Jacoub is a macro-finance researcher; his research focuses on the interplay between banks and the macroeconomy. In particular, Yacoub studies how shocks to large banks transmits to the real economy using models that account for endogeneity between the two sides of the economy. His research also addresses the long-and short-run causality between finance and growth and the global common factors in macroeconomic indicators. He is also interested in time series and panel data econometrics.

While doing his PhD, Yacoub published in the Journal of Financial Stability: Sleibi, Y., Casalin, F. and Fazio, G. (2020) 'Bank-specific shocks and aggregate leverage: Empirical evidence from a panel of developed countries', Journal of Financial Stability, 49, p. 100743.

He also acts as invited reviewer for several journals including International Journal of Finance and Economics, Economic Modelling, Finance Research Letters, North American Journal of Economics and Finance.

While teaching at NUBS, Jacoub achieved a fellowship of the UK advance Higher Education (FHEA). At NUBS, he taught postgraduate modules including financial theory, corporate finance, retail and investment banking. He also held lectureship positions at University of Essex, teaching intermediate macroeconomics and Huddersfield University teaching finance and statistics.

Jacoub is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics, Business School, Bethlehem University.

Module currently taught and developed at Bethlehem University: Corporate Finance, Advanced Financial Management, Macroeconomics.