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Muhammad Khan

Muhammad's subject area is Business and Management. Muhammad's PhD project title is 'Philanthropy and the Socioeconomic Development of Pakistan'. Read more about Muhammad's research.

Project title

Philanthropy and the Socioeconomic Development of Pakistan.


  • Professor Charles Harvey
  • Dr Michael Price (Northumbria University)



Muhammad Khan

Project description

My research evaluates the present role and future potential of philanthropy in the socioeconomic development of Pakistan. It is the first in-depth study on the topic and adds to the wider literature on socioeconomic development in developing countries beleaguered by poverty, inequality and seemingly relentless population growth.

The principal objective is to better understand the role played by philanthropically funded third sector organisations in addressing developmental and inequality challenges in countries like Pakistan. In doing so, the study identifies the motivations of philanthropic actors in establishing charitable organisations, examines the governance and management practices of such organisations, and explores the socially innovative practices of five case study organisations and the magnitude of their contributions to social well-being.

Research grants

1.Charles Wallace Trust UK, Doctoral Bursary holder.

2.MBA Business Excellence Scholarship from Newcastle University Business School.