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Students ranked in top 10% in Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge 2023

Newcastle University Business School achieved great success at this year’s Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge, with four teams ranked in the top 10% globally.

5 December 2023

Newcastle University Business School achieved great success at this year’s Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge, with four teams ranked in the top 10% globally.

The annual challenge enables students around the world to learn real-world investing skills on the Bloomberg Terminal. During the challenge students are tested on generating the highest relative profit and loss return (P&L) via the Bloomberg Terminal.

This year, 2,007 teams competed globally. Newcastle University Business School had 33 teams compete, comprising a total of 141 students across undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and MBA programmes.

Dr Jose Liu, Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at the School, said: “The Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge is the only university investment competition that takes place entirely within the Bloomberg Terminal. Students get a chance to use real-world, real-time financial tools to develop an investment strategy and research high-potential stocks. The challenge can help with gaining experience in preparing investment reports and discussing them with peers, and can boost research and presentation skill sets. It’s also a great chance to meet and socialise with like-minded students and build contacts.”

Celebrating success

The School was delighted that four teams ranked in the top 10% globally, with a further six teams in the top 30% globally – that’s 42 students in total ranking in the top 30%.

David Grundy, Senior Lecturer in Digital Education at the School, said: "We at Newcastle University Business School are immensely proud of our students' performance in the challenge. With 33 teams showcasing their exceptional skills, our students have navigated complex financial markets and shown their ability to collaborate effectively in competitive environments.

Their success, with four teams ranking in the top 10% globally, is a testament to the rigorous, real-world education they receive here. This achievement underscores our commitment to providing an excellent educational experience that not only imparts knowledge but also hones the practical professional skills necessary for the dynamic world of finance and investment."

Trader analysing multiple stock market graphs on computer screens.

The students who took part were equally as excited about their experiences and performance. Tom Hill, an Accounting and Finance BSc student, said: ““I found the Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge to be a fantastic opportunity to familiarise myself with the world of investing. The ability to use the Bloomberg Terminal to research and place positions was very eye-opening. I enjoyed being a part of a team and determining the optimal portfolio for the coming weeks together. Being able to beat the market and rank in the top 10% was a great success and something we were all very happy to achieve.”

Economics and Finance MSc student Annan Hu added: “I am very passionate about stock trading, and I have participated in many stock trading competitions in China, but the Bloomberg trading competition is the first global-scale competition I have participated in and I am very excited about it. Bloomberg Terminal is very useful software to search for global stock information and news, especially the US stock market. I think this challenge really trained our team's mindset and judgement of the market.

Following the success, the School is hosting a celebratory event for all participants and look forward to supporting more students to take part in the challenge next year.