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Refurbished Economics Lab Unveiled

Newcastle University Business School has recently completed a significant upgrade of its Experimental and Behavioural Economics Lab.

27 February 2024

The recent update included the modernisation of the lab's IT infrastructure. All 36 participant workstations were upgraded with new PCs and monitors. A new participant recruitment system is also in development. It is due for completion and rollout in early 2024.

A cutting-edge facility

The Experimental and Behavioural Economics Lab was established in 2015. Located in Room 2.01 in the main Business School building, the state-of-the-art research facility allows users to conduct studies in experimental economics and economic psychology.

In addition to the participant workstations, it contains two experimenter workstations and boasts a full suite of experimental software packages. Users are able to test economic theory, measure preferences, and pre-test policy interventions.

The larger screens and new workstations will enhance the user experience for participants. The new participant recruitment system will make it easier for researchers to plan and manage the participant recruitment for research studies.

A Newcastle University Business School student sat at a workstation in the Experimental and Behavioural Economics Lab.

Vital tool for advancing research

"The experimental economics research group at Newcastle University Business School welcomes this substantial investment into our research infrastructure," said Dr Till Weber, the Newcastle Lab Lead. "This state-of-the-art research facility will be key to enabling top-quality behavioural science research. It will provide a vital facility for teaching and training of junior researchers in the field."

Professor Stewart Robinson, Dean of Newcastle University Business School commented: “The Experimental and Behavioural Economics Lab is one of the Business School’s key facilities. This significant investment showcases our commitment to leading cutting-edge research at the School. As well as being a vital tool for our economic researchers, the lab allows us to support our students to become the next generation of behavioural scientists.”

Multi-use facility

In addition to the research facilities, we offer weekly lab meetings. These are open to anyone interested in using experimental methods in social sciences. They are attended by a multi-disciplinary group of researchers from various faculties across Newcastle University.

We welcome external expressions of interest. For enquiries, please contact Dr Till Weber at