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Local organisations awarded fully funded student internships

Newcastle University Business School has awarded Bridges Internships to three North East businesses, enabling students to support their sustainability and growth objectives.

24 January 2024

Companies striving towards a sustainable future

The investment from Newcastle University Business School supports the School’s strategic ambition to support local businesses to deliver their growth and sustainability objectives.

The three successful companies have identified opportunities for students to develop their skills across different disciplines, whilst supporting them to achieve their identified business goals.

3D Bio-Tissues Ltd

3D Bio-Tissues Ltd is a Newcastle University spin-out company that focuses on Biotech for alternative proteins. They pioneer bio-inspired manufacturing processes to produce bio-equivalent tissues for clinical and cellular agriculture applications.

The role of their intern Chris Gonzalez (Digital Business MSc), will be to redefine the company’s sales and marketing strategy and embed its strong Environmental, Social and Governance framework.

A modern biotechnology lab with multiple chromatography machines lined up, equipped with computer interfaces and various lab equipment.


Tricore is an innovative digital company that specialises in the offshore wind industry. It has been a key player for over 20 years.

Tricore’s intern, Dikshita Chakraborty (Digital Business - e-Marketing MSc), will assist the company with expanding its global presence through communicating its unique qualities and grow the company, using:

  • case studies
  • a marketing strategy
  • market research
A series of large offshore wind turbines stand in the sea under a clear blue sky, with yellow and red markings on their bases

Dragonfly Insulation Limited

Dragonfly Insulation Limited is a Newcastle University spin-out company specialising in advanced manufacturing materials. They are the sole UK manufacturer of silica aerogels. The company is striving towards safer and more efficient materials to support the drive towards NetZero.

This project will provide better understanding of suppliers from wider regions to support the company’s business model. NUBS and NCL Internships are partnering to support Dragonfly with delivery of the project.

Ayodeji Adeniyi (MBA) and Maelyn Pham Thi Van Giang (International Business Management MSc) will share the Bridges internship at 50 hours each.

A translucent blue silica aerogel slab is held between fingers, showcasing its lightweight and fragile structure.

Xianjie Ke (Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc) has also been offered a 100 hours NCL Internship. NCL Internships are fully funded up to 50 hours, after which a contribution is made by the employer. Dragonfly are contributing £625+ VAT to the NCL Internship.

The three students will work as a team to deliver the project. Xianjie will deliver the Plan & Analyse work package whilst Maelyn and Ayodeji will deliver the Data Collection work package.

Supporting the region

The internships were open to all Newcastle University Business School students. The successful students will support the development of the selected companies and have a positive impact on the region.

Paul Bass, Director of Tricore Technical Services said: “The student applications we had for the internship were superb which made it challenging for us to choose.  We are looking forward to working with our intern to progress our project.”

John Baines, Executive Chair at Dragonfly Insulation Limited added: “The calibre of Newcastle University Business School students has prompted us to consider an “Internship Team” approach to our project, utilising the individual strengths of three students. To achieve this team approach, the Bridges Internships and NCL Internships are partnering to support us with delivery of this project.”

There were so many great student applicants to choose from. We are excited to get our project started and working with our intern.

Dr Che Connon, CEO of 3D Bio-Tissues Ltd

Value for all involved

The internships will benefit both parties. Students will have the opportunity to gain industry skills, apply their learning to real life scenarios and work with business contacts. It will act as a great first step into the world of work and ensure the successful students are industry ready before they graduate.

Speaking about their internship at 3D Bio-Tissues Ltd, Chris Gonzalez said: “This internship will allow me to put into practice some of the skills acquired in my first semester, such as corporate strategy, market research focused on technology, adopting new technologies in the market, and project management—a great and unique opportunity that I'm grateful to have obtained.”

For the companies, having an intern within their organisation will enable them to tap into the latest trends, research and learning of the students. This will support companies to stand out in their field and get ahead of their competitors.

The Newcastle University Business School Bridges Internships will commence January 2024.