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Sammie Duong Nguyen

Sammie's subject area is Marketing. Sammie's PhD project title is 'Consumer Acculturation in Multicultural Marketplaces'. Read more about Sammie's research.

Project title

Consumer Acculturation in Multicultural Marketplaces.


  • Prof Andrew Lindridge
  • Prof Natalia Yannopoulou



Sammie Duong Nguyen

Project description

My PhD research project looks at what-how-why consumers in multicultural marketplaces affiliate with and acculturate to different cultures via their consumption of products and services with diverse cultural meanings. I adopt research methods from cultural anthropology (i.e., ethnographic) to explore various aspects of consumer acculturation.

I choose the UK as the research context since the UK society has become more and more culturally diverse. There are many different cultural/ethnic groups coexisting and they actively influence the sociocultural dynamics in the country. Such a diverse environment can affect consumer preferences and decision making.

My research is expected to benefit organisations and individuals of various sectors. For instance, by identifying consumer acculturation tendencies and strategies towards different cultures, policymakers can make better policies to balance the relationship between cultural/ethnic groups. And businesses can utilise results from this research to (re)design their products and segmentation schemes as well as better their marketing communication strategies.