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Abdullah Al Mamun

Abdullah's subject area is Marketing, Operation & Systems (Entrepreneurship and Sustainability). Abdullah's PhD project title is 'Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Developing Context: A Problem-Solving Approach by Indigenous Entrepreneurs'. Read more about Abdullah's research.

Project title

Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Developing Context: A Problem-Solving Approach by Indigenous Entrepreneurs


  • Dr Jonathan Kimmitt
  • Dr Victoria Mountford-Brown
  • Dr Robert Newbery



Abdullah Al Mamun

Project description

Entrepreneurship has long been thought of as a way to generate income. However, as the concept of sustainable development has become a major topic in the current global economy, it has been proposed that entrepreneurship should not be solely based on profit generation.

Sustainable entrepreneurship provides the possibility of fighting social and environmental problems with a profitable business. Currently, our planet is facing many global challenges such as rapid urbanisation, increasing poverty, climate change and food insecurity, for this reason, a practical understanding of sustainability is necessary and urgent especially in developing countries as they are the most affected.

I believe sustainable entrepreneurs in developing countries will bring a gardener's perspective in these challenging environments by planting the seeds of ideas that will bear fruit in years to come. The overarching purpose of my study is to understand the process of Sustainable Entrepreneurship (SE) in the context of developing countries where entrepreneurs are faced with complex socio-economic realities.

RQ 1. Why and how do entrepreneurs in developing countries recognise and develop opportunities for sustainable ventures?

RQ 2. How do sustainable entrepreneurs in developing countries navigate the sustainability paradox (place-based tensions)?

This study intends to provide a better understanding of the difficulties and potentials in pursuing sustainable ventures, especially among developing nations, where the need to implement sustainability in practice is particularly acute.