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Research Theme: Digital Construction

Enabling a new generation of self-learning and self-organising construction systems, structures, and materials.

We are leading the current transformation of the Construction 4.0 sector. We investigate the integration of structural systems, sensors, and computing science.

We produce innovative computer programs to simulate the:

  • multi-scale mechanics of structures
  • chemo-mechanics of construction materials

We design structural optimisation algorithms to combine machine learning and feedback from sensors. We adapt construction processes and a material manufacture in real time. We create Digital Twins.

We apply our approach to real structures and materials, including:

  • 3D printed structures
  • simulation-guided design of sustainable materials with desired microstructures
Blueprints for buildings.


  • Finite Element Simulations
  • Discrete Element Simulations
  • Molecular and Coarse-Grained Simulations (LAMMPS)
  • Reliability Analysis (Model Centre)
  • Experimental materials synthesis
  • 3D Printing
  • Network analysis