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Research Theme: Multiscale Material Testing and Characterisation

We conduct a wide range of multiscale testing and observation work. We apply and develop technologies at various scales, from microscopic to full-scale field tests.

Our state-of-the-art multiscale testing covers a broad areas of expertise:

  • from newly-developed bio-material characterisations
  • to large-scale testing of rehabilitated structural members with innovative materials

Our work includes the development of test apparatus for a range of purposes, including:

  • characterisation and analysis of structural textiles and polymeric composites
  • measurement of thermal conductivity of soils and testing
  • determination of pore pressures in glacial tills

We develop electrokinetic geosynthetics for applications in the field of waste dewatering. This ranges from sewage to tunnelling waste, in both laboratory-scale experiments and field trials.

A group of people wearing lab coats having a discussion inside a laboratory.

We investigate development of living materials. These use engineered bacteria to sense pressure increases and respond by producing bio-cement. They could be used as a responsive soil improvement method which strengthens the ground when loaded.

We carry out further full-scale testing and validation from site data in the:

  • study of the effects of climate change on slope stability
  • study of fabric, textile and composite structures
  • assessment of Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Drainage Systems
  • assessment of structural performance design qualification from field observation of extreme events