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Be a world-class engineer

What makes a world-class engineer?

The high calibre and well-grounded graduates we employ from Newcastle University always fit excellently into our project teams from the outset.

Ross Whitelaw - Principal Civil Engineer at Royal Haskoning DHV

An engineering degree from Newcastle equips you with the professional and technical skills to excel in your chosen career.

You will have access to our award-winning Careers Service. They'll give you advice and support while you're studying, and for three years after you graduate.

You'll engage with industry from the start. With projects designed in collaboration with leading companies, you'll develop the skills and knowledge demanded by the engineering sector. You'll be well on the way to becoming a professional chartered engineer.

Can you imagine anything better than working for Formula 1? It is the best learning challenge one could experience in real world cutting edge technology.

Electronics Team Leader at Mercedes AMG

The focus on sustainability and the human aspects of engineering have been really useful in preparing me for my PhD research. It opens up so many different c

Current PhD student

My degree programme aligned very closely with existing industry skill needs.

Technology and Innovation Manager at Siemens

I love how in my role you can really influence decisions in the industry.

Director at Ed Jeffery Ltd / Lead Analyst advising Crossrail