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Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Undergraduate Degrees

Push the boundaries of engineering through our holistic marine engineering programmes.

What is Marine Engineering?

Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture are, in simple terms, ‘Engineering for the sea’.

You'll study a range of marine engineering systems; from a ship's main propulsion engines, to auxiliary machinery. Alongside this, you will investigate how pumps and power, water, air and hydraulics systems work, whilst exploring the mechanical systems of a variety of marine constructions, such as oil platforms and subsea systems.

Marine Engineering at Newcastle

Designed alongside industry experts, you will benefit from a holistic marine engineering education with the depth of understanding required to succeed as an engineer for the 21st century and meet the needs of industry. You will develop specialist knowledge and have the opportunity to specialise in: marine engineering; naval architecture; offshore engineering; and small craft technology.

We're unique in that we teach challenging topics, pushing the boundaries of engineering resulting in students becoming well-rounded engineers equipped to tackle global challenges.

Choose your course

Get a broad-ranging knowledge of Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture, and gain in-depth expertise in one of our specialist areas whilst developing key technical and professional skills required by industry.