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Research Theme: Environmental Impacts

We focus on a wide range of environmental issues, from air quality and social deprivation to managing carbon footprints.

We work towards reducing the environmental impact of transport.

Transport is a significant contributor towards global carbon emissions and global warming. It depends heavily on ever-decreasing hydrocarbon resources. The resulting air pollution poses large risks to health, life expectancy and quality of life for many people.

Our research covers a wide range of environmental issues, including:

  • traffic emissions and air quality
  • links between air quality, health and social deprivation
  • assessment of land use and transport policies
  • investigating the carbon footprints of urban developments
A close up of several petrol pumps.

Our expertise

We have extensive expertise in transport modelling and microsimulation. We have a deep understanding of the impacts of existing and planned transport developments and policies.

We developed PITHEM: Platform for Integrated Traffic, Health and Emission Modelling. This is a software suite that models and maps traffic emissions, noise and air quality. We are experts in using industry-standard transport and air pollution modelling applications, including:

  • Cube
  • Aimsun
  • ADMS
  • AirViro
  • Paramics