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Research Theme: Railway Technology

Leading the way in European and global railway research for more than 10 years.

We have been at the forefront of international railway research for more than 10 years. Our investigations range from software and materials development to vehicle construction and joining technologies.

A train wheel on a train sitting on railway tracks.

What we do


Our research in rail infrastructure includes software development. We have developed computer programs Dynarat and DynaCrack. They simulate wear and crack initiation.


We develop lightweight, crash-worthy structures. They meet the rail industry's demands for increased capacity, safety, and energy efficiency. They are also environmentally sustainable.


We develop large composite material structures with crash-worthiness for transport applications. The structures include fire safe rail vehicles.

Joining technologies

We investigate joining technologies for vehicle construction.

Metro train platform in Newcastle UK.

Materials selection

We specialise in developing novel materials, processes and structures for transport applications.

Technology transfer

We are involved in technology transfer between the rail industry and other transport sectors.

Testing facilities

We operate a full-scale test site at Barrow Hill in the UK for experimenting and instrumenting. The facility offers:

  • a Class 37 loco
  • track and testing facilities for wear, fatigue and chemical and bio-chemical analysis of low adhesion leaf films
  • a fully equipped workshop
People standing at a train platform as train travels by.