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Biological materials

Investigating and learning from nature


Biofilms are a major issue for many industries from global shipping to health. We research biofilm mechanics, modelling bacterial attachment, biofilm formation and then detachment. We also use this knowledge to develop bio-inspired antibiofilm surfaces.


The physics of healthy brain ageing

The naked mole-rat is resistant to cancer, doesn’t succumb to neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s), and has an usually long maximum life span. Our research focuses on understanding how the naked mole-rat brain resists disease from the point of view of underlying physics and chemistry. This involves identifying how the mole-rats avoid these diseases in addition to the role of electrical properties of both brain cells and nerves.


Cell and tissue mechanics

We are researching both experimental and modelling aspects of how cells and tissues respond to mechanical loading. The major applications are related to understanding how cells and tissues respond to mechanical loading in the context of retina and cartilage regeneration.