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EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training

EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training, 4-year fully funded PhD opportunities within the School of Engineering. Working with leading academic and industrial sponsors, with access to state-of-the-art facilities and training.

Geospatial systems CDT

Our aim is to establish an internationally recognised centre of excellence of doctoral training in Geospatial Systems. Delivering future leaders and transformative research capability which will enable the UK to maximise the economic benefits of the open geospatial data revolution.

With huge amounts of geospatial data and information about location created daily across a wide range of systems, around the world, the economic benefits of this data and information are widely recognised. The global geospatial industry is predicted to be worth $500bn by 2020.

To recognise the full economic benefits of this data revolution, we need a new generation of geospatial engineers, scientists, and practitioners. We will develop a national cohort of internationally recognised research excellent in geospatial Systems. This cohort will collectively form the highly skilled professions required to realise the £11 billion annual economic benefit to the UK. They will have the knowledge, technical skills, and innovation to transform our understanding of an increasingly complex world, and deliver well paid jobs and economic prosperity, coupled with benefits to society.

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Sustainable electric propulsion CDT

Our vision is the creation of a new generation of UK specialists driving the electric revolution in the transport sector. We aim to create a new school of thinking amongst engineers and scientists, capable of leading the transformation from fossil fuel transport to sustainable and environmentally-friendly electric transport. We have developed a radical new training programme that will equip our students with a new school of thinking for solving problems to ensure maximum research impact. With the CDT's strong industrial partnership, you will be ideally placed to produce high impact research papers, patents and spin-outs. We will produce specialists with industrial experience who are equipped with the key skills that are essential to meet future electric transport challenges.

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Water infrastructure & resilience (WIRe) CDT 

60 UK and EU PhD Students are to be funded over the next five years. Minimum entry requirements equivalent to a UK upper second class degree (2.1) and preferably an MSc in a relevant subject.

You will:

  • tackle critical issues associated with our water infrastructure to make them more resilient to the effects of climate change, population growth, changing water quality and regulatory pressures
  • develop solutions that consider the complexity of water infrastructure through whole systems thinking
  • work on PhD projects that have been co-created with end-user partners
  • undertake an industrial placement and an overseas placement
  • receive hands-on training using large scale, experimental facilities
  • receive a stipend of £21,000 per year (with fees paid) for eligible students (UK and international)

Visit the WIRe website for further information on PhD Opportunities.

 Why this CDT?

  • develop multi-disciplinary skills
  • deliver cutting edge research with industry partners
  • access to outstanding, world leading experimental facilities:
  • develop effective communication strategies to disseminate your research

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