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The Future of Work

We're preparing our graduates for a future they can shape, and exploring the Future of Work.

We're understanding the Future of Work in two ways

What we want to know

We are asking a range of questions within the theme of the Future of Work. They are: 

  • What impact does an ageing society, globalisation, and migration have for business and the economy at international, national and regional levels?
  • How will big data, analytics, digital, robotics and automation and machine learning, etc. impact on the future of business and management functions, on organisations, operations, systems and processes and economics? 
  • How is the gig economy changing labour markets?
  • How will work in the future encompass ethics and responsible management, and support sustainability?
  • What does the Future of Work look like in a sustainable society?
  • What impact will the Future of Work have on behaviour, human resources, operations, strategy, supply chains, decision making, accounting and governance?
  • What new equality and diversity initiatives will be required to enhance fairness and justice within the Future of Work?
  • What role will leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial systems, cultures, and behaviours play in the Future of Work?

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