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Leading on Leadership

We believe leadership needs to be better understood and the world needs more leaders. That's why we're inspiring the business leaders of the future.

The world needs more leaders

Our starting point is that leadership needs to be better understood.

"Good leaders inspire, manage and cultivate organisations, business systems and people. They enhance the sustainable development of society. The world needs more of them. In the face of the complex challenges facing organisations and communities, leadership is being called upon to help create a more just, inclusive and prosperous global society."


– AACSB's Five Opportunities to Thrive

Aspiring leaders will benefit from better science behind leadership development.

With our knowledge and experience of corporate and organisational needs through industry connections, we can lead the discovery of new research-informed insights into effective leadership.

We can create leadership development models that support ethical business and serve the common good.

Plugging the productivity gap

"Management and leadership underperformance is acknowledged as a major factor in the productivity gap between the UK and its international competitors. We believe addressing that is vital if the UK is to succeed in global markets and thrive in a post-Brexit world. It is a huge challenge, with forecasts showing the UK economy needs 1.9 million new managers. Employers are struggling to fill the roles they have available."


– Ian Myson, Director of Higher Education Partnerships, CMI

Leadership is not a position or title, it comes with action and example.

Our graduates shape their own futures

Leading on Leadership reflects our excellent education as we develop graduates for a future they can shape. It:

  • guides the development of our Global Graduate Attributes
  • is reflected in our research and innovation
  • influences future research agendas and engagement with organisations, policy and society

How we develop this theme

What we want to know

The types of question we are concerned with are: 

  • What kind of leadership is called for in the digital and technological age and the Future of Work?
  • What attributes are central to developing leadership and entrepreneurial capacity?
  • How do leaders and leadership produce workforce skills development?
  • How can we develop leaders with capacity for life-long learning and diverse perspectives on learning across career and life stages?
  • How do we innovate for excellent leadership development, continuous professional development, and executive coaching?
  • What distinctive approaches can we develop for inclusive leadership?
  • How do we promote critical debate about leadership ethics and sustainability? 

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