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Ceramic Hollow Fibre Membrane for Energy Applications

Ceramic Hollow Fibre Membrane for Energy Applications

Developing efficient membranes for energy production and CO2 capture.

Project leader

Prof Ian Metcalfe


April 2009 to April 2014


EPSRC Platform Grant


Membranes provide significant opportunities for process intensification. There is a large range of energy-related applications for high temperature ceramic membranes. Currently, these are not well explored.

This project studies high temperature membranes for energy applications and CO2 capture. Our research encompasses:

  • membrane catalysis
  • novel multi-functional membrane fabrication
  • structural and transport characterisation

We also explore the application of this technology.

The work is highly multi-disciplinary. The world-leading team comprises membrane technologists, chemical engineers, chemists and material scientists.

The complementary expertise of this team will examine key challenges. We will develop new oxygen, hydrogen and steam permeable ceramic membranes in an applied context. Our work will make the production of low carbon energy and carbon capture processes possible.

Our Postdoctoral Research Associates (PDRAs) will undertake extended training. To do this, they will visit with internationally leading groups. The project will strengthen our research capability and improve the employability of the PDRAs.