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Supergen Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Hub

Supergen Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Hub

Taking research in HFC technology to industry.

Project leader

Prof Ian Metcalfe


May 2012 to April 2017




Imperial College London, Air Products Plc, Johnson Matthey Technology Centre, Ceres Power Ltd, Intelligent Energy


The Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (HFC) SUPERGEN Hub will tackle key issues facing the hydrogen and fuel cells sector. We will:

  • evaluate and explain the role of hydrogen and fuel cell research in the UK energy landscape
  • link this to the wider global landscape
  • identify, study and exploit the impact of hydrogen and fuel cells in low carbon energy systems

We will look at how HFC technology can manage intermittency with increased penetration of renewables. This will support the development of secure and affordable energy supplies for the future.

Both low carbon transport and heating and power systems use hydrogen and/or fuel cells. They have the potential to be important technologies in our future energy system. They have intrinsic high efficiency. They are able to use a wide range of low to zero carbon fuel stocks.

The Hub will contribute to technology development that will help the UK to meet its ambitious carbon emissions targets. We will also link the academic research base with industry. We will work with companies with global reach through to SMEs and technology start-ups. Our research will be effective and appropriate. It will support wealth and job creation for UK plc. It will inform policy development for local and national government.

The Hub will champion the complete landscape in hydrogen and fuel cells research, both within the UK and internationally. We will develop networks that will provide:

  • knowledge exchange and stakeholder engagement, including outreach
  • community building
  • education, training and continuing professional development