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Vehicle to Grid - Network Impact Study

All EVs (electric vehicles) have inherent electrical storage. There are potential opportunities for using this energy to support the grid and the wider electricity industry.

Project leader

Dr Neal Wade


May 2018 to December 2020


Northern Powergrid


Northern Powergrid


The move to electric vehicles presents opportunities and challenges for the electricity industry. We already have a significant understanding of the challenge of demand on electricity supply. We also know how smart charging may mitigate this.

This is only one of the potential attributes of EVs. Vehicle-to-grid technology could provide a bi-directional impact on the network. As well as charging, it could make use of the vehicle discharging. But currently, we have little understanding of the impact on and implications of this for the development of our network.

This project will:

  • determine the connections required for such devices, particularly considering the potential to discharge onto the network
  • explore opportunities created by vehicle to grid and potential solutions to any constraints that they might cause
  • explore the impact on power quality resulting from the use of vehicle- to-grid

Newcastle University will work with NUVVE, a developer of in-car chargers for vehicle-to-grid. NUVVE are partners with and suppliers to Nissan.