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EBNet: BBSRC Environmental Biotechnology Network

We explore engineering microbial systems for environmental protection, bioremediation & resource recovery. We investigate the use of microbes in anaerobic digestion and waste water treatment, to bio-degrade plastics, oil or other emerging pollutants.

Project leader

Prof Tom Curtis




BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council)


Southampton, Heriot-Watt and Cranfield Universities


Environmental Biotechnology has an important role to play in the service of the environment. It is also a major part of the burgeoning bioeconomy.

We are promoting the use of Environmental Biotechnology. We are working in collaboration with partners in Southampton (Sonia Heaven), Cranfield and Herriot Watt.

The network organises events, promotes business interactions, and funds proof-of-concept studies. We are particularly keen to support Early Career Researchers, and hold events and award prizes targeted at this group.