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Innovative Technologies for rapidly surveying, mapping and hazards

Portable gene sequencing equipment is a versatile technology. We are using it to comprehensively assess microbial water quality.

Project leader

Prof David Werner

Dr Russell Davenport

Mr Shaaban Mgana, Ardhi University



Project staff

Dr Kishor Acharya

Mr Tom Komar

Ms Franella Halla, Ardhi University

Mr Said Maneno, Ardhi University

Ms Elihaika Joseph, Ardhi University

Mr Nelson Msacky, Ardhi University





Oxford Nanopore Technologies


Newcastle University is collaborating with Ardhi University in Tanzania for the method development. We will then carry out field testing in Dar es Salaam. We will establish suitable methods and skills in Tanzania by the end of the project.

We are integrating water quality assessment methods with digital technologies. We store the data in a remote database. This provides us with immediate data curation, interpretation and visualisation.

These technologies will assist surveyors with their field work. They will make surveying data accessible to the public. We are developing a hazard communication tool. It will provide location aware, multi-platform hazard maps. It will contain in-app links to contextual information, such as health impacts, practical advice, observational metadata and WHO information.