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Quantifying perceptions of antibiotic resistance and its causes

Antibiotic resistance (AR) levels are rising on global scales. This is especially so in places without clean water and adequate sanitation. But many people in such areas are unaware of the problem.

Project leader

Prof David Graham 

Prof Pauline Dixon

Dr Steve Humble MBE



Project staff

Dr Myra Giesen

Dr Gopal




CURE (India)


Antibiotic resistance (AR) is a natural phenomenon. But recent elevated antibiotic use has increased levels of AR. This has made many antibiotics useless in the treatment of bacterial infections.

We are investigating knowledge, perceptions and attitudes towards AR drivers, spread, and mitigation. We are making comparisons among and between various cohorts in:

  • human medical practitioners and students
  • animal health practitioners
  • wastewater and sanitation professionals and students
  • members of the public

This specific research is targeting study cohorts in Delhi (India), the UK, and Israel. We wills promote decentralised wastewater treatment as an AR mitigation approach. We will identify education targets. We will suggest key actions to promote changes in national and international policy.