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ETALON: Energy Harvesting for Signalling and Communication System

ETALON: Energy Harvesting for Signalling and Communication System

ETALON investigated energy supply for on-board and trackside systems. Sometimes, power supply is not available on train wagons. ETALON provided a solution. This will enhance train integrity.

Project leader

Dr Christian Ulianov

Dr Paul Hyde









BRNO University of Technology


ETALON adapts energy harvesting methodologies for trackside and on-board signalling and communication. The project enhances train integrity functionalities. It does this by providing a suitable energy supply for on-board train integrity. This is particularly targeted at cases where power supply is not available on the train wagons. It also provides a robust radio communication system between vehicles that could be the basis for a train integrity check.

ETALON also helps to reduce cost. It provides an energy harvesting solution for Smart Radio connected wayside objects. It implements an off-board radio communication system with object controllers. This could minimise trackside infrastructure, particularly cabling.

Newcastle University contributed to five of the work packages:

  • WP2: System Architectures, Specifications and Technical Coherence
  • WP3: Communication Solutions
  • WP4: Energy Harvesting Solutions
  • WP5: Prototype Development, Validation and Testing of the Proposed Solutions
  • WP7: Outreach and Networking

We contributed to the specification, design and development of the on-train and trackside energy harvesting solutions and the on-train communication system. We also played a role in the design and implementation of testing and validation of the prototype systems. This included the leading role in the laboratory and controlled environment testing of the prototypes.