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Subsurface Tunnel Infrastructure Inspection Radar

Subsurface Tunnel Infrastructure Inspection Radar

We are developing the next generation of Subsurface Tunnel Infrastructure Inspection Radar.

Project leader

Prof Mark Robinson


April 2020 to March 2023


Intensive Industrial Innovation Programme – European Regional Development Fund and Railview Limited


Railview Limited


The Radar scans 360º and produces 3D virtual reality images of tunnel subsurface infrastructure defects, failures and technical issues to plan preventative maintenance.

The project addresses the global challenge of how to maintain a tunnel through non-destructive examination. We are developing a vehicle-mounted system, which can see below the surface to inspect road and rail tunnels, tunnel utilities and tunnel linings.

The development aims to improve tunnel infrastructure resilience. It does this by reducing the risk of failure. It also contributes to reducing the whole life tunnel infrastructure costs.

This project will provide a new smart technology. This technology inspects and maintains resilient integrated infrastructure. The system is unique and innovative. Our partner Railview are confident that it has a large market potential. They will use the project to determine the commercial feasibility for development of this disruptive technology of tunnel infrastructure inspection radar.