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Optimising the energy consumption of rail systems

Optimising the energy consumption of rail systems

OPEUS has developed a simulation methodology and modelling tool to evaluate, improve and optimise the energy consumption of rail systems. It has a particular focus on in-vehicle innovation.

Project leader

Dr Roberto Palacin


November 2016 to October 2019

Project staff

Dr Zi Qian

Ms Belinda Fairbairn


Shift2Rail JU at the European Commission, through the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation Programme.


  • UNEW (the Project Coordinator)
  • SAFT
  • UIC
  • UITP
  • UROS
  • STAV


OPEUS aimed to understand and measure the energy used by each relevant component of the rail system, particularly the vehicle.

This includes energy losses in the traction chain, the use of technologies to reduce these and to optimise energy consumption (e.g. ESSs) of rail systems.

The OPEUS approach has three components at its core:

  • the energy simulation model
  • the energy use requirements (e.g. duty cycles)
  • the energy usage outlook and optimisation strategies recommendation

The OPEUS concept builds on an extensive range of knowledge and outcomes generated by many key collaborative projects, such as:

These projects underpinned OPEUS and led by OPEUS consortium members.