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Climate change adaptation strategies for the EU and beyond

Climate change adaptation strategies for the EU and beyond

Focusing on cities, RAMSES provided quantified evidence of climate change impacts. It investigated the implementation of urban resilience.



Project staff

Prof Richard Dawson

Dr Alistair Ford

Dr Oliver Heidrich




RAMSES was a European research project consisting of 13 partners. It was co-financed by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme. The project focused on climate change impacts and adaptation strategies pertinent to urban areas due to their high social and economic importance. RAMSES provided the evidence base to reduce adaptation costs, better understand and accept climate change adaptation measures in cities.

RAMSES delivered quantified evidence for:

  • the impacts of climate change
  • the costs and benefits of a wide range of climate adaptation measures

Researchers worked with stakeholders of the RAMSES project to ensure that information from the project was policy relevant.  The project created a Toolbox to enable the design and implementation of adaptation strategies in the EU and beyond.