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Advanced integrated obstacle and track intrusion detection system for smart automation of rail transport.

Project leader

Dr C Ulianov


December 2019 to November 2022

Project staff

Dr P Hyde

Dr A Onat


Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (part of EU Horizon 2020)


Universitaet Bremen (project coordinator)

OHB Digital Services Gmbh, Univerzitet U Nisu

Harder Digital Sova D.O.O. Nis

Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca

Fokus Tech Napredne Tehnologije D.O.O.


SMART2 will continue the development of advanced on-board long-range obstacle detection systems for rail vehicles. It also will develop trackside track intrusion and obstacle detection systems. We will integrate these into a holistic system with decision support. This will detect and identify hazards in the path of trains.

The SMART project focused on developing a rail vehicle mounted obstacle detection system. The SMART2 project will build on the results from the SMART project.

It will build on previous work by upgrading the on-board obstacle detection system for long-range. SMART2 will develop trackside and airborne Obstacle Detection (OD) and Track Intrusion Detection (TID) systems.

The integration of these systems within the project will create a holistic autonomous obstacle detection and track intrusion detection system for railways.

This will enable increased detection area. This includes areas behind a curve, slope, tunnels and other elements that block the train's view on the railway. It will also extend its detection range generally.

SMART2 will contribute to the development of automated train operation (ATO), an essential element of the traffic management system of the future. It aims to increase the competitiveness, efficiency and operational reliability of railway operations.