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Electromobility & integrated infrastructure for cities

Electromobility & integrated infrastructure for cities

The UK Collaboratorium for Research in Infrastructure & Cities (UKCRIC) is a world-class collaboratorium. UKCRIC spans at least 14 universities. It provides leadership to the UK national infrastructure research community.

Project leader

Prof Richard Dawson


April 2016-March 2021

Project staff

Prof Phil James

Prof Stephanie Glendinning

Prof John Mills

Dr Clare Walsh

Dr Amy Guo

Dr Paul Quinn

Dr Ross Stirling

Dr Jennine Jonczyk




University College London

Bristol University

University of Southampton

University of Birmingham

Loughborough University

University of Leeds

University of Cambridge


UKCRIC supports the development and growth of the UK national infrastructure research community in a coordinated and coherent way.

It engages with government, city and commercial policy makers, investors, citizens and academia.

Through a joint venture it drives innovation and value creation. This venture focuses on the exploitation of services provided by national infrastructure.

UKCRIC supports a step-change in the nation's approach to infrastructure investment.

It does this through central coordination, providing a focal point for knowledge transfer.

UKRIC aims to address the first four Engineering Grand Challenges prioritised by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in 2015:

  1. Sustainable engineering solutions to provide water for all
  2. Future Cities
  3. Engineering across length scales
  4. Identifying risk and building resilience into engineered systems

It does this through coordinated investment in a range of national research facilities.

UKCRIC contributes towards the development of urban infrastructure engineering research facilities. They provide world-class, and unique, research facilities in surface water management. These are based at Newcastle University's Newcastle Helix campus development. 

UKCRIC@Newcastle creates a unique 'integrated infrastructure' research facility. It understands system integration and infrastructure interdependencies.

It does this by providing the research infrastructure to interconnect many infrastructure systems.

From a transport perspective UKCRIC focuses on electromobility infrastructure. The EV filling station delivers the infrastructure for six 50kwhr EVC fast chargers.

CESI (Centre for Energy System Integration) monitors and analyses the energy demand of the EV filling station. EV use is also monitored through the Rapid Charging Network and LC Transform project.