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Viajeo PLUS: greening urban mobility

Viajeo PLUS: greening urban mobility

We promote good practices in transport across the world. Viajeo PLUS benchmarks outstanding examples of innovative urban mobility.

Project leader

Dr Roberto Palacin

Prof Phil Blythe




Viajeo PLUS benchmarked outstanding examples of solutions for innovative and green urban mobility. It then facilitated uptake of these solutions.

The consortium consisted of leading European organisations and academic institutes. It worked with cities across Europe, Latin America, China, Singapore, and Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs). It shared good practice and demonstrated innovative solutions.

The project assessed current mobility solutions. It investigated the potential uptake of different solutions for different scenarios. Using case studies, showcases and capacity building, it gathered key experts in mobility management, clean vehicle, public transport, infrastructure and city logistics. Together, we developed executive plans for implementing existing solutions in a new and innovative way.

We created a new web-based ‘Virtual Best Solution’ book to facilitate wider uptake of solutions across more cities and regions.

We organised four individual “City Mobility Weeks” in Europe, Latin America, China and Singapore. A City Mobility Week consists of showcases, workshops and stakeholder meetings. Through interactive showcases, participants gained first-hand experience of innovative solutions. They exchanged knowledge, information and best practice experiences through various workshops and meetings.

We organised fora in Istanbul. These encouraged stakeholders in MPCs to lay the foundations for future inter-regional cooperation in research and development activities.

We facilitated a ‘twinning cities’ programme. This allowed representatives to experience innovative solutions for future implementation.

Together with SOLUTIONS, Viajeo PLUS developed recommendations for the European Commission. These included suggestions for future collaboration among cities and for research cooperation initiatives.