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Cognitive-Networks-Enabled Transnational Proactive Healthcare

Project leader

Professor Gui Yun Tian


April 2012 to March 2016




CoNHealth will bring together leading researchers with wide-ranging research experience. Together, they will advance current knowledge in intelligent wireless networks for medical ICT applications.

The consortium will provide complementary knowledge and strength in the areas of:

  • cognitive radio, radar, and sensor
  • privacy and security in healthcare
  • medical sensors and instrumentation
  • disease management and diagnosis
  • biomedical signal processing
  • medical ICT

Consortium members subscribe to a joint research vision of transnational proactive healthcare (TPH). To this end, we are developing an integrated cognitive network platform. The platform will deliver reliable, comprehensive, and efficient data acquisition from various medical sensors and devices to remote caregivers.

The consortium comprises members from industrialised and International Cooperation Partner (ICP) countries across three different continents. Thus our research will benefit the wider population worldwide. This would not be achievable if individual partners work alone.