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Novel Sensing Networks for Intelligent Monitoring (Newton)

An autonomous system for condition and structural health monitoring of railways and nuclear applications.

Project leader

Prof Gui Yun Tian


July 2012 to June 2016

Project staff

J. Neasham, Dr Z. Ding, Dr T.J. Dodd, Prof. J. Austin, Dr Z. Lang


EPSRC (EP/J012343)


Cybula Ltd.


This programme will provide a revolutionary solution for condition/structural health intelligent monitoring. We will develop an autonomous, intelligent system with specific applications in:

  • condition monitoring of railways
  • in-service Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) for nuclear applications

This project addresses important goals:

  • low cost and low power consumption sensor networks
  • sensor exploration
  • software architectures
  • autonomous data fusion and intelligent system management
  • spectrally efficient and reliable communications with novel approaches to radio frequency identification (RFID) based passive sensing networks
  • non-linear feature extraction and model-based fusion
  • compressed sensing
  • cloud-based computing and decision making

The research will extend our knowledge in several complementary areas:

  • low cost sensor technologies
  • wireless sensor network (WSN) for NDE and structural health monitoring (SHM)
  • feature extraction and fusion
  • robust communication
  • software architectures

Cross-disciplinary teams will work in collaboration with industrial strategic partners.