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Future marine manufacturing to support blue economy growth in Kenya

Future marine manufacturing to support blue economy growth in Kenya

A two-day workshop for stakeholders in the maritime sector of Kenya including representatives from universities, government agencies and industry.

Project leader

Dr Simon Benson
Dr Alan J Murphy
Professor Richard Birmingham




Kenya is aiming to drive the rapid expansion of diverse blue economy activities. These include fishing, transport, aquaculture and offshore energy. But SME artisan boat builders and low technology engineering firms make up most of the marine manufacturing sector in Kenya. The workshop brought researchers from four UK maritime universities and two Kenyan universities together with key stakeholders from governmental and industrial sectors.

The workshop format followed a brainstorming approach. This enabled group discussions on four broad themes:

1. Moving towards sustainable shipping

This theme focused on energy efficiency, reducing air pollution and the impacts on the Kenyan maritime sector.

2. Improving maritime safety

This theme explored the challenges on inland waters and inshore operations such as fishing and offshore safety.

3. Developing marine manufacturing, services and education

This group considered the future potential maritime economy. Their considerations included skills development and innovation to support new economic growth.

4. Linking coastal communities to the maritime economy

This group discussed the wide variety of maritime activities that impact coastal communities. In particular, they looked at those away from current economic centres.