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Monitoring ship engine performance and emission remotely

Monitoring ship engine performance and emission remotely

To develop a “state-of-the-art” modularised vessel performance monitoring focusing on efficient operation and management of emission.

Project leader

Dr Kayvan Pazouki (PI)

Dr Rosemary Norman


August 2012 to July 2014

Project staff

Mr Hossein Enshae


Innovate UK


Royston Limited


The project looks at online performance monitoring of a shipboard diesel engine. And the possibility of remote access to key performance indicator. This is a unique selling point in the competitive shipping industry.

But there is uncertainty in the current methodologies. This project uses a new approach to provide the above capability.

The key challenge is to develop online performance monitoring in real time. This would be applicable locally and remotely through the new methodology.

The project aimed to develop a monitoring product. It focuses on offering green benefits to a variety of customers in different marine market sectors.

The areas for development include:

  • Implement the latest technology to develop new modularised monitori
  • Develop intelligent engine management/monitoring systems with telemetry capability
  • Emissions prediction