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Improving the reliability reliability of wind turbine monitoring

Improving the reliability reliability of wind turbine monitoring

This project addresses the issue of transferring, processing, storing and managing long-term data from wind farms.

Project leader

Dr Wenxian Yang


January 2015 to December 2016

Project staff

Dr Wenye Tian

Dr Pu Shi


XEMC Wind Power Ltd


Shanghai Jiao Tong University


A large wind farm often consists of hundreds of turbines.

Imagine that each turbine is equipped with a commercial vibration-analysis-based condition monitoring system. Each turbine has more than 10 data acquisition channels. This creates a large amount of condition monitoring data in a short time.

The project addresses the following:

  • How to quickly transport these data from wind farm to central office for further analysis
  • How to process these data the first time
  • How to store and manage these data in the long-term

These are challenging issues for the wind farm operator.

This project aims to address these issues. By developing an innovative cooperative condition monitoring strategy.

It explores the added value of the low rated data collected by the wind farm Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system.

The technique reduces the amount of data used for condition monitoring.

It improves the reliability of wind turbine condition monitoring result. It does this by assessing the health condition of the turbine.

It examines the wind turbine's performance over time. Rather than by inspecting the instantaneous change of its dynamic response. Inconsistent wind load affects this response.