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Increasing the energy efficiency of ships

Increasing the energy efficiency of ships

Targeted Advanced Research for Global Efficiency of Transportation Shipping (TARGETS).

Project leader

Professor Mehmet Atlar


December 2010 to December 2013

Project staff

Dr Kwang-Cheol Seo

Mr George Politis


European Commission under the Seventh Framework


Hamburgische Schiffbau Versuchsanstalt – HSVA, Germany

Strathclyde University – USG, UK

A. P. Møller - Maersk Maersk, Denmark

Alpha Marine Services Ltd


The TARGETS project is in response to the global task to increase energy efficiency. This led to the formulation of Topic SST 2010 – 1.1.2 – Energy Efficiency of Ships.

The project sets out to improve energy efficiency of cargo ship operation as a whole.

It addresses all relevant aspects of energy consumption, their causes and operational procedures.

The project seeks a holistic approach to optimising the on-board energy consumption of cargo ships.

A previous analysis of energy consumption has identified the main contributors to energy consumption. It also identified potential savings. The analysis covered design as well as operational aspects affecting energy efficiency.

It identifies the most promising candidates for improvements. The work programme crafted for the project addresses the most promising candidates for improvement.

Based on these considerations, the overall objectives of TARGETS are:

  • Improving the overall energy efficiency of cargo ship operation. This contributes to eco-efficient maritime operations through reduced energy consumption and emissions.
  • The assessment and development of tools, methods and technologies. These will improve the energy efficiency of ships during both, Design & Operation. 
  • TARGETS addresses the most important influences. It concentrates on the following main areas:
    • Resistance
    • Propulsive efficiency
    • Use of alternative energy sources
    • On board power management
    • Tools for optimising energy consumption
  • Achieving a step change in energy efficiency of cargo ship operation. Done through a holistic combination of the most promising measures

Focusing on realistic cases and applications TARGETS will achieve significant advances over a short period of time.