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Retrieval analysis of knee prostheses

Retrieval analysis of knee prostheses

Continuing research into the failure of artificial joints.

Title: Retrieval analysis of knee prostheses

Description: The most commonly implanted artificial joint is a knee prosthesis.  These come in different types.  Most frequently, a total knee replacement (see figure), but partial knee replacements (known as unicondylars) and patellofemoral joint replacements are also used.  Unicondylars and patellofemorals tend to ‘fail’ more often than total knee replacements.  Working with orthopaedic surgeons we investigate why such failures have occurred, blending clinical and engineering analyses.  In particular we look at how the surfaces of the artificial joints have changed, as this gives key insights into their performance in the human body.

Academic staff: Professor Tom Joyce, Dr Oana Bretcanu

Researchers: Shannen Chacko Rajan


Sponsors: Previously EPSRC, currently William Leech Foundation

Partners: Multiple hospitals around the UK, but primarily the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Start Date: Since 2012

End Date: Ongoing