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MISTRAL: Multi-scale Infrastructure Systems Analytics

MISTRAL: Multi-scale Infrastructure Systems Analytics

Developing an integrated view of the urban water cycle.

The MISTRAL project is an EPSRC Programme carried out by the UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC) of seven universities and over 50 partners from infrastructure policy and practice.

MISTRAL aims to answer crucial questions such as:

  • How will infrastructure systems perform in the context of major future changes like population growth, technological change and climate change?
  • Where are the most vulnerable points in infrastructure networks?
  • How much is it worth investing to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure?

Our research is developing an integrated view of the urban water cycle, coupled within the existing NISMOD national models of water supply and waste water treatment.

For the first time, we will use building level models of whole cities to represent the whole urban water system (waste water and stormwater). This will allow us to analyse better strategies for urban drainage, such as separation of waste water and stormwater systems, and their associated costs and performance.

We are using the unique CityCAT urban flood model for detailed 2D modelling of surface flooding and building level demands and damages. CityCAT provides a fully interactive pressuried and free surface flow pipe-network model.