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Dr Abdullah Kahraman

Researcher in severe weather and climate change


Abdullah Kahraman is an atmospheric scientist focused on mesoscale meteorology, with a background including research, teaching, operations and administration. His graduate studies were on climatologies and predictability of severe convective storms with relevant hazardous phenomena. 

At Newcastle University, he works on a climate change problem with high(est) uncertainty: The evolution of thunderstorms, lightning, and hailstorms over Europe (and UK) with respect to climate change. His tools include both high resolution numerical models and observations. He is mainly based in the UK Met Office Hadley Centre in Exeter. 


Kahraman's main research interest is the severe convective storms (i.e. predictability of thunderstorms with tornadoes, large hail, destructive winds and excessive precipitation) and their destiny in the future climates. 


Taught weather analysis and forecasting (synoptic meteorology), mesoscale meteorology, severe weather forecasting, satellite and radar meteorology, atmospheric radiation, and aviation meteorology for three years in Turkey.