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Dr Benjamin Sherlock

Research Associate


Dr. Benjamin Sherlock is a Research Engineer at Newcastle University working on the EPSRC funded USMART project: smart dust for large scale underwater wireless sensing.

Areas of Expertise

Underwater Acoustic Communications, Signal Processing, and Embedded Systems.

Active Projects

Research and Development of NM3 acoustic modems - Low cost, low power underwater acoustic modems for distributed sensor networks and positioning applications. Digital signal processing, ARM microcontrollers, analogue and digital electronics design and manufacture, C and assembler software engineering.

Python drivers and examples for NM3 modems can be found at:

Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE TEAM Tao - Part of the Newcastle University SEA Lab team, designing and producing the Sonar system that is integral to the subsea automated vehicles. FPGA and VHDL with digital signal processing, electronics design, PC based C/CPP software engineering.

Design of electronics, systems, and software for the SEALab Acoustic Network Gateway Buoy (ANGY). Live streaming hydrophones to the ANGY YouTube Channel (mainly during the lighter months as ANGY is solar powered, but previous recordings are archived on youtube): 

Academic Qualifications

MEng (Hons) Microelectronics and Software Engineering, Newcastle University, 2003.

PhD Electronic Engineering, Newcastle University, 2018. Thesis title: "Spread-Spectrum Techniques for Environmentally-Friendly Underwater Acoustic Communications".


Full publication listings can be found on Google Scholar