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Dr Ben Wetenhall




Dr Ben Wetenhall works in the area of CO2 transportation with impurities. BW was the Principal Investigator and is a Co-Investigator on the EPSRC projects FleCCSnet and S-Cape. He is the lead author of the IEAGHG report "Impact of CO2 impurity on CO2 compression, liquefaction and transportation"  and was a researcher on the MATTRAN (EPSRC) and COOLTRANS (National Grid) projects. He has conducted consultancy work for National Grid Carbon including work on ductile fracture control for CO2 pipelines with impurities.

BW's current research involves modelling wind and buoyancy driven CO2 ingress into a building following a release using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


Wind and buoyancy ventilation, CCS pipeline transportation, hydraulic modelling, heat transfer, ductile fracture propagation, phase behaviour, CO2 compression and liquefaction, CFD.


Research Interests

Carbon capture and storage (CCS), carbon dioxide transportation, fracture propagation, hydraulic modelling, dispersion of CO2, buoyancy and wind driven ventilation, heat transfer, phase behaviour, CO2 compression and liquefaction.

Current Work

FLECCSNET, Flexible CCS Pipeline Networks

S-CAPE, Shelter and Escape in the Event of a Release of CO2 from CCS Infrastructure.

Previous Work

MATTRAN project, Materials for Next Generation CO2 Transport Systems.

COOLTRANS, Dense Phase CO2 Pipeline Transportation. 

IEAGHG, Impact of CO2 impurity on CO2 compression, liquefaction and transportation.


Current Modules

MAR8045 Fundamentals of Subsea Engineering

MAR1009 Marine Mechanics

MAR1012 Naval Architecture (Fluid Mechanics)

MAR2018 Marine Engineering II (Heat transfer and fluids)

SFY0008 IT and Communications