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Dr Craig Robson

Research Associate



Employed as a research assistant/associate since January 2015 within the Geospatial Engineering group, School of Engineering, Newcastle University. Working across a range of projects related to complex neworks, infrastructure network resillience, spatial data manaagement and data visualisation. Awarded a PhD in 2017 from Newcastle University entitled 'Robustness of Hierarchical Spatial Critical Infrastructure Networks', focused on the resilience of critical spatial infrastructures to geographic hazards, developing the required analytical methods and associated datadata management architectures. Previously graduated with a degree in GIS (Geographic Information Science) from Newcastle University (2011).

Supervision (PhD)

Qianqian Li (Sheffield Unviersity) - Resilience of global networks to extreme climate change hazards


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Areas of expertise

  • Geospatial data management
  • Infrastructure network analysis
  • Data visualisation


  • PhD. Robustness of Hierarchical Spatial Critical Infrastructure Networks, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (2017)
  • BSc Hons Geographic Information Science - 1st class with Hons. - University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (2011)


GISRUK 2015 best paper - Robson C, Barr SL, James P, Ford A. “Spatially modelling dependent infrastructure networks”. In: GISRUK. 2015, Leeds, UK.




Developing a real-time flood prediction and resilience tool, this project uses real-time data feeds from the Newcastle Urban observatory to forecast rain fall and simulate the impact on the urban environment through any potential flooding. Working with local stakeholders, the tool will be deployed in Newcastle to demonstrate the capability and utility of the developed framework.


This research focuses on the development of a national infrastructure database to support system-of-systems analysis for critical infrastructure. Using new technologies such as federated databases and graph databases, this will provided the platform for household level analysis of the demand on current and future infrastructure networks.


Development of visualisation tools and under pinning database for a national scale infrastructure systems-of-systems framework and analysis tool for the ITRC project. Work continues to maintain this supporting its continued use both within and outside of academia, including by the National Infrastructure Commission for informing government level decisions on infrastructure investment.


Network visualisation methods for displaying the effects of hazards on spatial networks in real-time.



Title: The robustness of hierarchical critical spatial infrastructure networks. (Awarded 2017)