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Staff Profile

Dr Daniel Green

Research Associate: Sustainable Drainage


Daniel is a Postdoctoral Research Associate working on the Urban Green DaMS (Design and Modelling of SuDS) project and is based in the National Green Infrastructure Facility at Newcastle University, UK.

Daniel completed his PhD at Loughborough University (2013 - 2018), which focused on urban rainfall-runoff responses using physical and numerical modelling approaches, and has worked as a NERC-funded Research Associate focusing on emergency responder accessibility during flood events, as well as a Senior Lecturer in Flood Risk Management at the University of Chester before moving to Newcastle University in August 2019.

Daniel’s research interests can be divided into three main areas:

  1. flood risk analysis and resilience assessment, exploring the impact of fluvial and surface water flood events on urban infrastructure;
  2. modelling of urban surface water flooding caused by intense precipitation events using numerical and experimental, rainfall simulator based approaches, and;
  3. quantifying the influence of blue-green infrastructure and nature-based solutions to mitigate and attenuate flood risk in urban areas.

Daniel’s current research at Newcastle University focuses on addressing a set of critical research questions relating to the design and modelling of bioretention cells (lysimeters) to optimise sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) design and to develop robust and practical design guidelines for sustainable stormwater management.