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Dr David Greenwood

Senior Research Associate


I am a member of the Electrical Power Research Group and the Power Systems subgroup. My Google Scholar profile can be found here.

I am an engineering researcher with a particular interest in power networks, smart girds, energy storage, probabilistic methods and the effect of weather on electrical systems. My PhD, completed in July 2014, focused on the Real-Time Thermal Rating of overhead lines in electrical networks. My PhD was industrially funded, which meant that in addition to my PhD research I had to organise meetings, write reports and give frequent presentations to industrial partners. I had to work with my sponsors to ensure that I was delivering research that was useful to them, as well as original research required for a PhD. I have been fortunate enough to present my work in France, Denmark, Zambia, Sweden and the USA.

I am currently working on several projects relating to energy storage and smart grids:

Supergen Leaders: Energy Networks (EPSRC) - I am part of a team, lead by Professor Phil Taylor, developing the next generation of the Supergen Energy Networks Hub. I have been consulting the research community, engaging with industry and early career researchers, and helping to set the research direction in energy networks for the next four years.

Energy Storage for Low Carbon Grids (EPSRC) – I am investigating the relationship between scheduling and high-level control of energy storage systems, and the degradation and efficiency of different storage technologies. This work is on a range of timescales from minute-by-minute operation, to the lifetime of a battery which could be 10 years or more.