School of Engineering

Staff Profile

Dr Fei Xia

Senior Research Associate


Fei is a member of the µSystems (microSystems) Research Group and his profile can be viewed on Google Scholar and Research Gate.

Research Interests

Asynchronous Data Communication. Asynchrnous System Design. Systems and Networks on Chip. Energy and Power in Computing.

Mentors: Prof. A.V.Yakovlev

Dr A.M.Koelmans

Current Work

Recently I was a senior research fellow in the EPSRC-funded PRiME project. I am now working on the STRATA project.

Future Research


Undergraduate Teaching

CSC164 (CSC1004), 2005-2006

EEE2013, 2018/2019

Postgraduate Teaching

EEE855 (now EEE8040), EEE859 (now EEE8043) 2005-2006, 2009-2013

EEE8126, 2018/1019