School of Engineering

Staff Profile

Dr Francis Franklin




PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Tribology) from Sheffield University, 1999
MSc Industrial Mathematics from Strathclyde University, 1995 (Joint course between Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian)
BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Physics from Edinburgh University, 1994

Previous Positions

Research Associate at Sheffield University 2000-2004
Research Associate at Newcastle University (NewRail) 2004-2007


Research Interests

1. Computer modelling of microstructural damage evolution in rail steels leading to wear and/or crack initiation.
2. Laboratory analysis of low-adhesion leaf film (i.e., the notorious 'Leaves on the Line').

Other Expertise

1. Computer programming, mainly in C/C++ but with experience in Cocoa and Java also.

Postgraduate Supervision

2 PhD students, studying:
1. Effect of heat generation at the wheel-rail interface on wear and crack initiation.
2. Bridge dynamic response to trains passing.


£2k in 2008 from the Joy Welch Educational Charitable Trust.


Undergraduate Teaching

- Stage I/II Introduction to Computing
Introduction to MatLab programming
- Stage II Mechanics of Solids
'Failure of Materials': fracture, fatigue, stress.
- Stage III Stress Analysis
Introduction to (1) plasticity, buckling; (2) ANSYS
2005-2007: Brief introduction to Inventor for Stage II Design direct entry students
2005-2007: Supervision with ANSYS for Stage III Stress Analysis
2006: Strengths lab. supervision for Stage II Mechanics of Solids